100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (2023)

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (1)

You may not know your partner very well until you find the answers to some questions that have been on your mind. It's crucial to have those conversations in your relationship where you learn a few facts about different aspects of your partner's life.

In this article, you can use these questions to help you find out how well you know your partner. Finding out the answers to these questions can reduce any friction in your relationship.

How well do you know your partner?

Many people think they know everything about their partner, but when problems arise in their relationship, they are often surprised at what their partner is doing. Before you get into a relationship or while you are in the early stages of being together, you should ask yourself some revealing questions. These questions will help you understand most of the things that revolve around your partner.

If you're intentional aboutgrowing your relationship, you should read the book Just Ask by Michele O'Mara. This book contains1000 questions to take your relationship to the next level.

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100 questions to check how well you know your partner

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (2)

Check out this list of questions to understand how well you know your partner:

Questions about childhood and family.

One of the ways to find out how well you know your partner is by asking questions that focus on childhood and family in general. With these questions, you can get a good idea of ​​their upbringing and what to expect when they get married and move in together.

Here are some childhood and family questions for your partner to get to know your partner better:

  1. How many siblings do you have and what are their names?
  2. In which city were you born and where did you grow up?
  3. What do your parents do for a living?
  4. What was your favorite subject in high school?
  5. What was your least favorite subject in high school?
  6. Who was your childhood best friend growing up?
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how close do you think you are to your parents?
  8. What celebrity did you fall in love with as a child?
  9. What TV show did you hope to watch as a child?
  10. Did you have a pet growing up?
  11. Was there a sport you enjoyed growing up?
  12. What chores did you hate doing growing up?
  13. How many names do you have?
  14. What was the best memory you had as a child?
  15. Are your grandparents still alive and how old are they?

Doubts about trips and activities

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (3)

Another set of questions to get to know your partner is to ask about travel and their activities in general. If you want to be sure how well you know your partner, then you need to be sure of your willingness to ask these questions.

Here are some questions about travel and activities for couples.

  1. What are the top three places you have traveled to before? Which of these places would you like to visit again?
  2. When traveling, do you prefer to travel alone or with a group of people you know?
  3. What means of transport do you prefer to travel? A plane, a private car or a train?
  4. If you were given an all-expenses-paid ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  5. How do you prefer to spend your time when you want to refresh yourself?
  6. What is your ideal idea to go out with friends and acquaintances?
  7. What is the longest trip you have ever made?
  8. What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?
  9. If you were asked to spend a month in a room for a large sum of money and you had to take one thing with you, what would you choose?
  10. Would you rather watch the dancers display their art or would you rather go to a concert to see the artists sing?

questions about food

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (4)

Some food questions also help you realize how well you know your partner. It is important to know the answers to some of these questions so that you are not surprised later.

Here are some food questions your partner should know about you and vice versa.

  1. When you're not eating home-cooked meals, do you prefer to eat out or take home?
  2. When you eat out, do you take home leftovers or not?
  3. What do you do when you eat a meal and it doesn't meet your expectations?
  4. What is your preference between eating at home or getting them from a food vendor?
  5. What are your three best meals and do you know how to prepare them?
  6. What is your favorite drink that you can have at any time of the day?
  7. If you had to choose between an endless supply of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream for a month, which would you choose?
  8. What is your favorite food for breakfast?
  9. What food do you always prefer for dinner?
  10. If you had to choose one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  11. What is one food you can never eat, even with a gun pointed at your head?
  12. What is the most expensive amount you have spent on food and drink?
  13. Have you ever brought food to a movie theater without anyone seeing you?
  14. Have you ever tried to cook a meal and burned it before?
  15. If you had to have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?

Relationships and love problems.

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (5)

If you've been harboring doubtful thoughts and questions like how well you know your partner, knowing the right thing to ask could also focus on love and the relationship. If you want to play the game you meet your partner, check out some questions.

  1. How old were you when you had your first kiss and what was it like?
  2. Who was the first person you dated and how did the relationship end?
  3. What is your favorite part of the body that you cannot miss for anything?
  4. Have you lived with your potential partner before and how long did it last?
  5. What is the most romantic getaway idea you have been waiting for?
  6. What are the things you saw that made you choose me as your partner?
  7. What would you rather have, a small or a large wedding?
  8. Cthe hat is the deciding factorfor you in a relationship?
  9. What is your idea of ​​cheating in a relationship and do you think it is flawed or not?
  10. What do you think of the public display of affection? Is it something you can be open to?
  11. What's the best gift you've received from a potential romantic partner or crush?
  12. What is the best gift you have ever given to a potential romantic partner or someone you care about?
  13. What do you think could be the biggest weakness in a relationship that partners must combat?
  14. Do you think it's a great idea to keep a close relationship with former teammates?
  15. Do you love the relationship between your parents and is it something you want to replicate in yours?
  16. Do you get jealous easily, and if so, is it something you can communicate to me?
  17. What do you think about getting divorced? Has it crossed your mind before?
  18. What's the sexiest outfit idea you want me to absorb?
  19. How many children are you willing to have in this relationship?
  20. If you love someone, how do you show that person?

To connect more with your partner, check out Maggie Reyes' book titled: Question Journal for Couples. This relationship book contains400 questions to connect with your partner.

● Work questions

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (6)

Another way to find out how well you know your partner is by asking them a work-related question.

These questions give you an idea of ​​what to expect when your partner is trying to achieve a work-life balance. Knowing the answer to these questions ahead of time will save you a lot of stress and conflict in your relationship.

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Here are some working questions about how well you know your partner.

  1. What are the three things you like most about your current job?
  2. What are the top three things you don't like about your current job?
  3. Will you be willing to return to your previous job if given the chance?
  4. List the top three characteristics that you would like all employers to have.
  5. What is the one thing that could make you quit your current job?
  6. What is it about your current role that makes you get out of bed every morning?
  7. Have you been fired before and what was the experience like?
  8. Have you ever quit your job? Why did you leave the job?
  9. Are you satisfied with what you do for a living?
  10. If you were an employer at work, what are the top three traits you want in an employee?
  11. Are you willing to stay home and take care of the kids while I go to work?
  12. If you had to change careers, which one would you consider switching to?
  13. Who is the person you admire in your career?
  14. If you had three pieces of advice for your current employer, what would they be?
  15. What is your idea of ​​what an organization's workplace should look like?
  16. To what extent will you be willing to support me in my career?
  17. How far are you willing to go to advance your career?
  18. What is your average week at work like? What are the usual things that happen?
  19. What is your definition of making a clear difference in your career?
  20. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your work?
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random questions

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (7)

In addition to categories such as Childhood, Food, Travel, etc. mentioned in this article, it's important to ask random questions about how well you know your partner. So here are some unclassified but crucial questions that you can ask your partner.

  1. When it comes to doing laundry, is it something you love to do?
  2. What is your preference between cats and dogs?
  3. If I had to gift myself, would I prefer handmade or store-curated gifts?
  4. What soccer team do you support and who is the greatest player of all time on your terms?
  5. What is your favorite musical genre and which singer do you like the most?
  6. Who would you be if you brought a dead singer back to life?
  7. Do you prefer to watch movies at the cinema or at home?
  8. Do you love watching documentaries? What is your favorite?
  9. If you had the opportunity to choose a superpower, what would it be?
  10. What color would you use if you were going to dye all your hair?
  11. Of all the books you have read, which one caught your attention?
  12. Do you have a phobia that you don't want anyone to know about?
  13. If you had to learn a new language, what would it be?
  14. What is your favorite season and why?
  15. Would you rather have an air conditioner in your house or a fan?
  16. What's that TV show you can't miss?
  17. Have you ever been in a serious accident? How was the experience?
  18. If you are stressed, what do you do to de-stress?
  19. If you had to start a business today, what would it be?
  20. What is your opinion that you consider controversial?

Do you feel like you don't know your partner well? then you have to readsummer bookentitled:How well do you really know your partner?This book comes with a quiz that helps you find out more about your relationship.


After going through these questions about how well you know your partner, you now have a good idea of ​​some crucial aspects of life that concern you.

You can also use these questions to ask your partner how well they know you. Knowing the answers to the questions in this article will help you understand a few things about your partner, which will also reduce conflict in your relationship.

See how to keep yourhealthy relationshipmiavoid ruptures:

100 questions to determine how well you know your partner (8)


What are Q&A questions for couples? ›

General Questions For Couples

What's the most interesting fact you've recently learned about? What's your favorite things to eat for lunch? What's the most unexpected thing that's happened to you lately? What do you like most about your job?

How do I deeply know my partner? ›

Be curious and ask open-ended questions

You make this happen by being curious and asking your partner open ended questions and then listening as he or she discloses their answers. Most people like to open up and talk about themselves if they feel safe. You make it safe by being a good, non-judgmental listener.

What do I need to know about my partner? ›

21 Things You Should Know About Your Boyfriend—And Everyone Should Know About Their Partner
  • What their hopes for this relationship are. ...
  • What their favorite hobbies are. ...
  • What they do to relax. ...
  • What their love language is. ...
  • What their eating and drinking preferences are. ...
  • What their allergies or medical needs are.

How do you evaluate the strength of a relationship? ›

A correlation coefficient measures the strength of that relationship. Calculating a Pearson correlation coefficient requires the assumption that the relationship between the two variables is linear. The relationship between two variables is generally considered strong when their r value is larger than 0.7.

What are some 21 questions? ›

21 Questions List
  • What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?
May 5, 2021

What are juicy 21 questions? ›

Juicier Questions
  • How many people have you kissed?
  • Do you ever think about me?
  • What have you done sexually with someone else?
  • What attracts you to people?
  • What are your thoughts on sex?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • Do you think you're a good kisser?
  • What turns you on?
Feb 23, 2023

What are trust questions for couples? ›

Open-ended questions to ask your partner:

What does trust mean to you? Think about a time when you didn't feel you could trust me. What could I have done to fix the situation? What do you need from me in order to trust me even more?

What are good deep questions? ›

Deep questions to ask friends
  • If you had a whole day where you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?
  • What are you most proud of about yourself?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment?
  • What are you still hoping to accomplish?
  • What do you want people to know about you?
  • What do you need more of in your life?
Jan 5, 2023

How do I know my life partner is right? ›

7 ways to choose the right life partner. The calming presence of a person by your side at every difficult turn in life is what you need. Someone who's there for you, cheers you up at times when all you want to do is cry and who understands you is a life . partner you indeed need with you, at all times.

What are the most important questions to ask your partner? ›

Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend
  • What makes you the happiest?
  • How can I support your interests?
  • Do you hold grudges?
  • How would you describe your family?
  • Tell me about your relationship with your parents and siblings.
  • What do you want to improve or change about yourself?
  • Do you have any regrets?

What are 7 things to look for in a partner? ›

No person is perfect, of course, but here are eight key qualities to look for in a partner:
  • Emotional Maturity. Every person comes equipped with flaws and emotional baggage. ...
  • Openness. ...
  • Honesty. ...
  • Respectful and Sensitive. ...
  • Independent. ...
  • Empathetic. ...
  • Physically Affectionate. ...
  • Funny.

What is the most important thing in finding a partner? ›

Trust. One of the most important parts of a relationship is to trust one another completely. You have to be able to trust that they won't stray and you trust them with your feelings. You have to trust each other enough to be vulnerable on an emotional and physical level, too.

What are the 3 most important things you want in a partner? ›

All healthy relationships share the following three core components:
  • Mutual respect.
  • Mutual trust.
  • Mutual affection.

What is your biggest strength as a couple? ›

Research shows the strongest couples are those who have strong communication skills, a clear sense of closeness as a couple, flexibility, personal compatibility and good conflict management skills. In strong marriages, there is a balance between separateness and togetherness.

What are men's weaknesses in a relationship? ›

Signs of a weak man in a relationship are: A weak man cannot make his lady feel protective and secure because he himself is emotionally vulnerable. He is a bad decision-maker. He is a people pleaser, not only with his girlfriend or wife but with everyone; parents, colleagues, superiors, etc.

What are the 7 key questions? ›

Ask the right question: Who, What, Why, When, Where, How, How Much? - Consultant's Mind. These 7 key questions are a great checklist, but also a sanity check.

What are the 5 main questions? ›

They include Who, What, When Where, and Why. The 5 Ws are often mentioned in journalism (cf. news style), research, and police investigations.

What are 10 freaky questions? ›

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like
  • What is your favorite place to be massaged?
  • What is your sexy scene from a movie?
  • Do you have any fetishes?
  • Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  • What's the weirdest place you've ever done it?
  • Do you like it when someone pulls your hair?
Apr 24, 2021

What questions build intimacy? ›

50 questions to build emotional intimacy
  • What do you think your younger self would think of our relationship?
  • What have you learned about relationships from your parents?
  • When was the last time you cried?
  • Have your friendships taught you anything about romantic relationships?
  • What does 'work-life balance' mean to you?
Jul 23, 2021

What are 3 examples of trust in a relationship? ›

Listening and supporting each other. Showing consideration and care. Trusting each other that you know what is best for yourself. Showing mutual respect for boundaries.

What are rapid fire questions for couples? ›

50 Questions for Couples to Get to Know Each Other Better
  • Dreams and the Future. What are some of the highest-valued things on your bucket list? Do you want kids? ...
  • Favorites. What is your favorite film? ...
  • Sex and Romance. What was your first sexual experience? ...
  • Personal. What is the extent of your religious ideology, if any?
Mar 20, 2020

What does evaluate your relationship mean? ›

Relationship Reevaluation is a structured, reflective process that will help you realistically assess your current relationship and make a confident decision about which direction to take. I will help you clarify what has been missing, what is vital to each of you, and the realistic potential for essential changes.

How do you self evaluate yourself in a relationship? ›

If you're ready to do a deep-dive into your own brain and boost the health of your relationship, here's where to start:
  1. (1) Learn how to pick up on your own patterns. ...
  2. (2) Don't be afraid to over-communicate. ...
  3. (3) Be generous with your praise. ...
  4. (4) Don't immediately reject criticism.
Oct 14, 2019

What is the meaning of evaluating relationship? ›

Definition: An evaluation relation is an interpropositional relation in which a proposition(s) expresses the speaker's value judgment regarding the factuality or desirability of another proposition(s).

How do you check the status of a relationship? ›

How To Get A Status Check On Your Relationship
  1. "What Do You Need More Of From Me?" ...
  2. "How Often Do You Feel Happy?" ...
  3. "What Do You Want To Accomplish Together In The Near Future?" ...
  4. "Are You Satisfied With Our Sex Life?" ...
  5. "What Do You Love Most About Our Relationship?"
Nov 30, 2015

What are the five things you value the most in a relationship? ›

Open communication, loyalty, kindness, compassion, trust, emotional vulnerability, and willingness to forgive are some of the most important things that keep a relationship afloat.

What should be valued in a relationship? ›

Both parties need to respect each other's feelings and boundaries. You need to value and take care of each other in every way you can. When you respect and love one another, you'll have a beautiful relationship. This foundation of trust and security is essential and will lead to wonderful things.

How do you know you are not valued in a relationship? ›

Another key sign of feeling unappreciated in a relationship is being tired of giving and getting nothing in return. You make sacrifices for your partner, give time and effort to the relationship, and go out of your way to make your partner happy, and none of it is reciprocated.

What are self assessment questions? ›

Self-evaluation questions are questions specifically designed to help you review your own performance in the workplace. These questions usually are designed to promote reflection and encourage employees to spend time considering what they want to accomplish within their careers.

How do you give yourself a doubt in a relationship? ›

5 Tips for Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships
  1. Stop saying you're insecure. You have to retrain the way you think about yourself. ...
  2. Question your doubts. ...
  3. Stop overthinking. ...
  4. Seek therapy if you need it. ...
  5. Communicate.
Sep 30, 2022

How do you keep yourself true in a relationship? ›

Here are 6 things you need to do to stay true to yourself in a relationship.
  1. You need to serve yourself as well as your partner. Sometimes life just seems to get in the way of your dreams. ...
  2. Start sharing what you think and feel. ...
  3. Stop always aiming to please. ...
  4. Stand up for your values. ...
  5. Trust yourself. ...
  6. Allow yourself to grow.
Oct 7, 2019

What are the 3 aspects of relationships we are analyzing? ›

Psychologist Robert Sternberg's theory describes types of love based on three different scales: intimacy, passion, and commitment. It is important to recognize that a relationship based on a single element is less likely to survive than one based on two or more.

What are the signs of a real relationship? ›

You can usually recognize real love by these 12 signs.
  • You feel safe with them. ...
  • They listen. ...
  • They acknowledge your differences instead of trying to change you. ...
  • You can communicate easily. ...
  • They encourage you to do your own thing. ...
  • You trust each other. ...
  • They make an effort. ...
  • You know you can collaborate or compromise.
Oct 27, 2020

How do you tell if you're dating a narcissist? ›

Here are some signs to look out for and tips to handle them.
  1. They were charming at first. ...
  2. They hog the conversation, talking about how great they are. ...
  3. They feed off your compliments. ...
  4. They lack empathy. ...
  5. They don't have any (or many) long-term friends. ...
  6. They pick on you constantly. ...
  7. They gaslight you.

How do you know your true life partner? ›

8 Signs You've Found Your Life Partner
  • They support you. ...
  • They listen to you. ...
  • They build with you, not for you. ...
  • You trust them. ...
  • You don't always have to be doing something. ...
  • They never put you down. ...
  • You want to share your life with them. ...
  • You're always honest with each other.
Jun 23, 2015


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