Marketing Resume: Examples and How to Write (2023)

You spend your career promoting products and services to your customers. But even the most seasoned marketers struggle when it comes to writing a marketing resume.

But really, the key to a successful job hunt is so simple you've probably overlooked it. Writing a good marketing resume is all about what you do best, which is promoting a product. Besides that the service isOf. And just like the products and services you promote at work, you can maximize impact on your target audience with a smart marketing strategy.

Read on for sample marketing resumes to help you perfect yours. You'll also get a foolproof guide to writing a resume for marketing jobs that will get you more interviews than any resume you've written before.

Let's start our campaign with a sample marketing resume created with our builder.

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Marketing Resume: Examples and How to Write (1)

Marketing resume created with our builder:Check out more templates and create your resume here.

And if marketing isn't your thing, we have plenty of other resume writing guides too.

Sample Marketing Resume Template

Martin Baschir

Phone: 0777 777 7777


Creative Marketing Assistant and recent graduate with First Class Honors in BSc Management (Marketing). A strong proponent of empowering businesses to improve their digital marketing and maximize the efficiency of social media campaigns. I would like to further develop my digital marketing skills with the innovative team at ManchMarketing.

Work experience

Marketing Assistant

Woodward & Rogers, Manchester

July 2019 - present

  • Supporting the Marketing Manager and the team of 5 experienced marketing professionals.
  • Created and designed graphics for more than 30 ads for Facebook.
  • Improved customer database efficiency, eliminating more than 500 erroneous data points.
  • Assisted in creating a new email outreach campaign that increased open rate to 15% and generated over 100 links to client content.
  • Acted as the first point of contact for incoming calls and received positive feedback for customer service.


BSc Management (Marketing), First Class Honours. September 2016–Juni 2019

University of Manchester


  • Digital advertising:I have worked with Google and Facebook SEM and ad design.
  • Negotiation skills:Negotiation of reduced prices for print advertising campaigns.
  • Analysis capacity:Analyzed keyword performance data to optimize page rank for client content.
  • Junk-Mail:Creating effective email outreach campaigns.
  • Content-Management-Systeme:Use of WordPress for publishing and content management.


  • Arabica-Fluently

Now the foolproof guide to writing your own marketing resume.

1. Choose the best format for your marketing resume

Marketing is the act of promoting or selling products and services. Therefore, your marketing resume should demonstrate that you can understand your customers and build relationships with them by anticipating their needs and making them valuable offers.

It is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. But a busy recruiter with a large volume of resumes needs as little assix seconds to review your application.

Here's how to make the most of this observing time.

  • use the mosteffective resume format. There's only one way to write the best marketing resume, and that's in chronological order. It's familiar to recruiters, and it's effective because its focus is on your work experience.
  • Create a crisp resume layout with 1" margins on all sides of the page, double spacing between resume sections, and left-justification only. This creates manyblank space, and it's that blank space on the page that makes your content easy to read.
  • Choose agood source for your resume. Remember that your resume is more likely to be read on a screenInvestigationsuggests that sans serif fonts are best for on-screen text. So Calibri, Tahoma, and Arial would be great options.
  • Save your marketing resume as a PDF to keep your design clean and organized. And don't overdo it. Heideal resume lengthit's 1 or 2 pages.
  • Finally, there are a few things you should doNeverinclude in a resume. Personal information such as date of birth, marital status and photo have no place in a professional CV.

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2. Start with a personal marketing resume profile

They arepersonal profileIt is the first section of your resume and is also known as a personal statement or resume summary. It is simply a 3 or 4 line paragraph that serves as an introduction to your resume. You should provide a brief overview of why you are a good candidate and show the hiring manager that your resume is worth reading. Here's how to do it.

Start with these three questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What can you offer the employer?
  3. What are your professional goals?

Then the way you answer them changes based on your experience. So let's say you are a very experienced professional writing a resume for a marketing manager. If so, follow this approach.

  • Remember, you are the product being advertised. So list your outlets. Recruitment is about your experience, skills and professional achievements.
  • Then you need to learn more about the needs of your customers. This is the hiring manager, and the job posting tells you everything you want from your perfect product. Read it and list all the skills and experiences it mentions.
  • Then, review which of your sales pitches match those in the ad and use 3-4 of the matching arguments to write a resume summary that perfectly fits your client.

If you are just starting out and writing a marketing assistant resume, use this method instead.

  • Focus on your transferrable skills and experience. Please list any knowledge and experience you have gained from your education and previous professional experience that is transferrable to a marketing position.
  • And research your customer again. Review the job posting as if you had more experience.
  • Finally, select 3-4 of your transferable skills that match the job requirements and combine them with energy and enthusiasm for the job to show you will be an enthusiastic and engaged new hire.

Although this is the first section of your resume, you should always save writing until the end. It's much easier to summarize everything when the rest of your resume is already written.

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3. Secure sales with your marketing internship

In your work experience section, you need to go viral and become the undisputed bestseller. It's the most important part of your resume to present yourself as a candidate, so it has to be written perfectly. Here's how to do it.

  • List your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.
  • Then provide the same basic information for each role, your title, employer name and the dates you worked there.
  • For each job, write up to six bullet points that describe what you did. Encourage them by starting them with action verbs like coordinated, strengthened, and encouraged.
  • Then turn them into a well-executed marketing pitch by adding numbered wins and a strong structure that leverages themperformance statements.
  • And make sure your work experience section is carefully aligned to the position you are applying for. Make sure you've addressed as many job requirements as possible.

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4. Add an education section

Your field of education is most important when you are just starting out in your career. But that doesn't mean more experienced candidates can neglect it. All resumes must include an education section. That's how it's written.

  • For school leavers, list your high school diploma and each subject you studied. GCSEs can also be taken if you have just graduated from school, simply indicate the number of subjects you have taken and always be explicit about math and English as these are a minimum requirement for many entry-level positions.
  • And for both GCSEs and A levels, write the name of the school and the dates you attended.
  • If you are a college graduate, write the name of your college, your major, and the dates you attended. Use your projected graduation date as the graduation date if you are still studying.
  • And this section can be placed before your internship section if you are still studying or have just graduated in your final year. The addition of relevant individual modules is also a good idea for recent graduates.

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5. Point out your main asset: your marketing skills

The popular image of marketing is a group of people sitting in a meeting and coming up with crazy ideas for product promotion. But marketing is much more than just selling me this pen. Combine communication with project management and analytical skills to name a few. So how do you pick a few select skills that fit into oneCV of one or two pages? Here's how to reduce it.

  • Go back to the job ad and this time list all the skills that are mentioned. Then make a second list of all your own marketing skills.
  • Select 5-10 of your CV marketing skills that match the job requirements and add them to your skills section. Make sure it's a mix ofDifficult SkillsjSoft Skills.
  • And back each skill with a brief explanation of how you demonstrate it. E.g.Negotiation skills:Constant negotiation of reduced prices for print advertising campaigns.

All of these skills would look great on your marketing resume.

Essential Marketing Resume Skills

  • networks
  • project management
  • guide
  • analysis capacity
  • Junk-Mail
  • Social-Media-Marketing
  • communication skills
  • Content-Management-Systeme
  • creative thinking
  • negotiation skills
  • Marketing Automation

I mentioned the sell me this pen exercise. You probably know that the right response is not just to make a sales pitch, but to find out more about your customer first. You need to figure out what benefits they want from a pen in order to sell to them effectively. The same goes for the best marketing resume examples. Always research the company and carefully analyze the job posting before you start writing so you can create a perfectly targeted marketing campaign for you.

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When you create a resume in our builder, drag and drop bullets and skills and autofill the boring stuff. spell check?Check over. start buildingyour CV here.

Marketing Resume: Examples and How to Write (2)

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when you're doneZety CV BuilderI'll write down your resume and tell youExactlyhow to make it better

6. Add additional sections to your marketing resume

If you stopped at your area of ​​expertise, you would have a complete resume. But as a marketer, you know you can't make yourself stand out as a product in a crowded field by doing the bare minimum. So here are some ideas on how to cover all possible angles when it comes to promoting yourself.

  • If you speak a foreign language, add a language section. It has been said that there islanguage crisis' in the UK so knowledge of the language will definitely help you stand out as an elite candidate.
  • Some other ideas could be volunteering, awards, or hobbies and interests. If it's relevant and effectively markets you as a good candidate, then it's a valuable addition to your resume.

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7. Write a marketing cover letter

By now you have a perfectly written marketing resume. But we're still not done. There's one more thing we can do to give your latest job search campaign a viral boost. Write a cover letter. It's the best way to take your resume to the next level.

Here it ishow to write a good cover letterfor marketing jobs.

  • Master the basics with a good oneCover letter formatand writes hiscover letter addresscorrect.
  • write convincinglyOpening of the cover letterincluding a "hook" in your first paragraph. Impress the hiring manager with an outstanding career achievement.
  • Keep up in the middle of your cover letter by adding more evidence of your experience in the form of relevant experiences and accomplishments. Also, show passion and energy for the employer and the position you are applying for.
  • then in yoursend of cover letterAsk the hiring manager to get in touch with you so you can discuss more about the position. This is called a call-to-action and is a great way to increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • And know when to stop writing. Hemaximum length of a cover letterIt's a page

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an edge over other candidates. You can write it in oursCover letter generator here.It can look like this:

Marketing Resume: Examples and How to Write (3)

See moreCover letter templates and start writing.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you found our sample digital marketing resumes helpful. There are many different roles in the marketing industry and you may need specific advice. So if you're writing a Marketing Executive Resume, Marketing Coordinator Resume, or any other variation, let me know if you need advice. Ask me in the comments section and I'll be happy to help.


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