Should you hug on the first date? – Guided gentry (2023)

First dates can always be confusing and it can be hard to know what is the right thing to do and where exactly the lines are.

Hugs are generally acceptable, even on the first date. Quick little hugs are harmless enough and most people are happy to hug. However, this is not to be expected as some people like to wait a bit before allowing him to get that close.

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greeting each other on a first date

When greeting the girl, you should at least smile and wave when you approach. This is the bare minimum.

However, many times a quick hug is totally acceptable. Most girls are fine with that. If you're strangers, it might be best to keep smiling, but most of the time a hug might be fine.

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Hugs during the first date.

This is probably a bit weird, but it depends on what you're doing. I have a hard time thinking of a first date situation where this could happen.

usually firstdatesit's all about getting to know each other and having a little fun. You might get a flirtatious touch on the arm or something similar, but I can't think of when a hug might be appropriate.

However, if you're on a first date and it feels good, go for it. Hugs are never a bad thing and if you both like it, that's fine.

The "goodbye" on the first date

The greeting is usually what people are worried about, sure it can be awkward, but it's over in 3 seconds and you can move on. It's the easy part.

The hard part is goodbye.

I hope the date went very well and you connected and had a lot of fun.

But now it's time to go home, and you're not sure what will happen next. You definitely had a great time and I'm sure they did too.

And now? How do you say goodbye? do you hug?

What happens here will be related to what happened during the encounter. If all goes well, a hug may be totally acceptable.

Never shake hands at the end of a first date

A handshake would not be a good option at this time. That's like saying “Thanks for a fun night. Our business together is over. Goodbye forever".

It's so formal and awkward. They don't really shake hands. Even a high five will be better than a handshake!

just came out

Sometimes they end up looking at each other and saying they had a good time and then they smile awkwardly and walk away. There is no physical contact.

That can be good sometimes. Sometimes people aren't ready to get that close. They can be a bit shy or reserved.

Honestly, to me, that just says they didn't get along very well, or at least not well enough to feel comfortable with a simple hug.

Every time I've experienced these kinds of super awkward goodbyes, that's the last time I see this person.

This could be because I don't like them, or they don't like me, or maybe it's a mutual agreement that we don't really get along as expected.

Hugs at the end of a first date.

You're going to have to get physical at some point if you want to be a romantic partner, so why not start now?

You had a great night and I hope you made yourself comfortable. If you both think it's a good idea, why not give him a hug?

In the grand scheme of things, they're pretty harmless and really cool. I think most people would agree that if a date goes well, a hug goodbye would be expected.

Just remember to keep it light. You don't have to give them a bear hug, and you don't have to pick them up off the ground.

You also have to keep it fast. Do not drag for 3 minutes. Remember that you don't know each other very well yet, you are not lovers yet. They just show each other that they had a good time and that they feel comfortable enough for them to get into their personal space.

What do you do if they don't want a hug on the first date?

You'll know when it's okay to hug someone, but you'll REALLY know if someone doesn't want to. I hope you never have to go through this, but it can happen.

Basically, if you go to give them a hug and they almost walk away or back away, you know they're not really interested in what you're trying to do.

If they just keep their hands at their sides, it also means they're not comfortable with it.

If you notice that they are not interested, leave immediately. It's much better to stop a hug early than to try to continue against your will.

Avoid kissing on the first date

I would only look for a hug; She wouldn't even go for a kiss on the cheek from her. That's too much, maybe next time, for the first time, a hug is fine.

I wouldn't even think of going full kiss either, however it can happen.

If the mood is right and all signs point to kissing, go for it. Just don't force it and don't wait.

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Do not think too much

Do not think too much. It's okay if you hug and it's okay if you don't.

Just focus on having fun on the date. That's all that matters. The rest will feel natural and hopefully things will fall into place on their own.

If, for whatever reason, you're really worried or confused about the hug, just ask.

Of course, it's better to be able to read body language and make a move accordingly, but if you're really feeling lost, just ask. Just say "can I hug you goodbye?"

It's more chivalrous than guessing blindly and being wrong.

Of course asking can be awkward, you're basically saying "I had fun and I can't tell if you enjoyed it." But it's okay. If you get a No, it obviously sucks, but at least you know where you are.

The best part is that you are about to head off in the opposite direction. Thus, the pain will be short-lived and you will have an easy way out.

Even if you get a No, it's not always a "No, I don't like you"

Could be more "No, I'm not ready yet, but maybe soon"

So be nice, smile and thank him for the night. I hope he likes you and you go on a second date and your hug will be on time!


Firstdating can be stressfuland figuring out if it's okay to give someone a hug can be confusing. Usually, if you had a good time and really liked each other, it's pretty common to have a quick hug goodbye after the first date.

Not everyone is going to do this, they might like to wait and that's okay, just do what you think is right. you will be able to tell if they are involved or not, that's fine.

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