Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges in USA - (2023)

More than 70 percentThe Earth's surface is covered by water, and over 96% of this water is held by the oceans. These statistics certainly shed some light on why the field of marine biology is so incredibly important. What happens between animals, plants, organisms and ecosystems under the sea can have drastic effects on the entire planet, including humans.

Today, marine biology graduates are in high demand. Many pursue rewarding careers after college, working as environmental consultants, marine engineers, research scientists, policy advisors and more. For those who prefer the classroom, there are numerous graduate and postgraduate opportunities for marine biology students eager to further explore the academic field.

Choosing the right university to study marine biology can provide students with the academic foundation and practical experience they need to launch a promising career.

Here are 10 of the best US colleges to study marine biology.

University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida)

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The Department of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami is located just a few kilometers off the south coast of Floridagives students passionatelythe classroom education and hands-on training they need to become experts on the key issues facing the world's oceans today.

Students in marine biology and ecology have a hugechoice of courses, including Geological Sciences, Marine Affairs, Oceanography and Marine Sciences. Students may choose a major based on their research interest or consider what is most relevant to their intended future career: Historically, graduates of the University of Miami program have held distinguished positions in conservation, environmental policy and law, business, and more.

For doctoral students, the university offers aMaster of Professional Scienceswith undergraduate degrees in Marine Mammal Science and Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management.

Boston University (Boston, MA)

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As one of the top private research universities in the country, Boston University offers inspiring courses and exciting opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of marine biology.

The program emphasizes aInterdisciplinary approach: Bringing together faculty and resources from Boston University's Department of Biology and Department of Earth and Environment to enable students to explore a variety of marine biology subject areas such as evolution, ecology, and conservation science.

In addition, practical research areas cover a number of critical marine issues such as climate change and overfishing. During their time at Boston University, students will continue to benefit from the school's ties to local organizations in the Boston area, including the New England Aquarium.

University of Samford (Birmingham, AL)

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Samford University's Bachelor of Marine Science program attracts science students from across the country with its small class sizes, individual faculty attention, and emphasis on real-world experience, while providing students with the foundation they need to prepare themselves in the... to highlight the field of marine sciences.

A key feature of Samford's marine biology program is the core semester that students spend at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

Located on the Alabama coast in Mobile Bay, it is thePrimary marine research and education center. During their time in the lab, students benefit from the guidance of the lab's faculty and the opportunity to conduct marine field research up close: an unparalleled experience from which students can benefit immensely when it comes time to apply to graduate school apply or enter the business market. .

University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

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Students interested in marine animals and their environment will find a thriving marine biology program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The marine biology course is linked to the faculty's Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and offers students a solid background in the life sciencescurriculum, along with research projects that take students out of the classroom andamong marine lifeyou study.

One of the students' favorites is theMarine Biological Quarter(MBQ) where students learn what life as a marine biologist is really like. During this hands-on time experimenting and data-gathering, students will not only interact with science faculty members, but also with a variety of sharks, clownfish, dolphins, puffer fish, and all manner of other marine visitors not enrolled in your lively classroom-on the sea.

University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)

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One of the few colleges where students can get oneDepartment of Aquatic Biology, the University of California, Santa Barbara is the best choice for students seeking a broader aquarium science education that includes not only marine organisms and oceanography but also the study of freshwater ecosystems.

The uniqueness of the aquatic biology course prepares graduates for rewarding careers in conservation, fisheries, water quality and more. On the other hand, many bachelor students complete a master's degree or do a doctorate.

Regardless, during their time at UC Santa Barbara, students will benefit from challenging science courses complemented byfield experiencein outdoor labs that take students to the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Barbara Channel, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and beyond.

Auburn University (Auburn, AL)

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home for oneextensive life sciencesDepartment, Auburn University offers marine biology students the freedom to engage in interdisciplinary research projects across campus and beyond. It's not uncommon for students to interact with local organizations like the Alabama Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit or the Auburn Group in Ecology, as well as international groups like the Organization for Tropical Studies.

The combination of an academic science curriculum with cross-campus and real-world field research gives Auburn marine biology students a head start in advancing their future careers. buttonfocal pointsthe program includes marine evolution, genetics, ecological interactions and much more. Wherever students direct their focus, they will find passionate faculty members throughout the school eager to engage students in the exciting scholarly work that happens every day in Auburn.

Northeast University (Boston, MA)

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One ofTop 50 Universitiesin the US accUS News and World Report, Northeastern University is known for its robust research opportunities, many of which emerge from the school's significant research grants from the National Institute of Science.

Northeast marine biology students will no doubt benefit from this significant scientific funding. The school offers a bachelor's degree in marine biology that allows students to graduate with a foundation in marine science as well as specialized experience in their areas of interest - including the option to complete a pre-vet track.

The Northeast is also known for itsThree Seas Program, an elective that allows marine biology students to spend a year doing fieldwork in New England, Panama, and the US Pacific Coast.

Florida International University (Miami, FL)

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Florida International University's Marine Science Program makes spectacular use of the college's location on the Miami coast, giving students access to exciting fieldwork opportunities amidst South Florida's rich and diverse marine ecosystem.

Öinterdisciplinary programat FIU offers a marine biology major and minor for undergraduate students, while graduate students interested in marine biology can study with faculty in related departments such as Biology or Earth and Environment. In addition, the school conducts a selectiveMarine Biology/BiologyCohort program for students in marine biology or general biology faculties.

Students accepted into the program, who study together at FIU's Biscayne Bay campus, receive close mentoring from world-class faculty, prioritized research opportunities, and early registration to select laboratories.

SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (Syracuse, NY)

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Celebrated as the nationfirst class institutionFor those studying environmental science and natural resource management, the College of Environmental and Forestry Sciences, part of the State University of New York (SUNY), attracts many students with an academic passion for aquatic and marine biology.

The schoolsaquatic programgained worldwide recognition for educating students to become water science professionals.

In addition to studying a core math and science curriculum, students delve deep into the world of marine and freshwater ecosystems and learn how to understand and protect these precious natural systems. Students are encouraged to expand this science education with subjects such as natural history, economics, communications and social sciences, and position graduates for careers in government agencies, private consultancies, environmental NGOs and more.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology der Universidade de Oregon (Charleston, OR)

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One ofonly placesLocated on the Pacific Coast where students can earn a bachelor's degree in marine biology, the University of Oregon's Oregon Institute of Marine Biology combines rigorous classroom biology studies with hands-on field experience on the school's marine laboratory campus in Charleston, Oregon - famed for its spectacular scenery on the rugged Oregon coast.

A range of internship and research opportunities are available to students, including international options such asTropical Marine Biology coursein Central America.

In addition to supporting undergraduate students to receive a world-class education in marine biology, the University of Oregon also has offeringspostgraduatein biology for masters and doctoral students who can focus on marine organisms and ecosystems within the broader biology department.

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