Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (2023)

Disclosure (full version-https://nikolaroza.com/afiliado-offenlegung/):Some of the links you will find are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may earn a commission. Thank you so much!

Twitter Affiliate Marketing...is it really possible?

In this post on my amazing website 😀 you will discover:

  • how to promote affiliate links on twitter;
  • to do;
  • what not to do;
  • and much more.

Come as a novice - leave a pro;

let's go!

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Does Twitter primarily allow affiliate links on its platform?

Yes they do. There is no specific rule against adding affiliate links to your tweets.SoYou can use affiliate links in your Twitter postsand you will not find any problem from the platform itself.

As for the people...

That's a whole different story

Keep reading to know more.

6 Quick Reasons Why Promoting Affiliate Links On Twitter Is A Very Bad Idea

#1 - You become just another spammer

Twitter is a place to meet new people and new ideas. It is not a place to offer products and services. This is a one-stop-shop for people who also want to express their feelings and ideas, and where of the 353.1 million people who use Twitter worldwide, 68 million are from the US.

Promoting your affiliate offer will make you look like a spammer, although it's not technically against Twitter policies.

#2- You will lose friends and followers

If you've already built a following on Twitter, I'm willing to bet you haven't by releasing products non-stop; No, you did it by sending valuable tweets into the stratosphere and generously retweeting other people's content.

You've also participated in a few Twitter chats and have been more than eager to respond to other people's comments on your tweets.

Yeah, you dug deep and found a strong foothold on Twitter, a following.

Also,You can lose all that trust in the brand 100 times fasterbeing a self centered and selfish jerk

#3- You will look self-centered and like you take advantage of people

Your affiliate links will benefit you and only you.

When you post them on Twitter, you benefit yourself, not someone else.

And while it's okay to do this on your blog or website (because they belong to you); That's not right on Twitter because Twitter is a platform and a community that we all share.

#4- You seem desperate

Even internet marketing newbies can notice something really important in tweets: they go FAST!

The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 million and then it disappears and is never seen again.

So when you add affiliate links to your Twitter posts, it reeks of desperation and it's all too easy to imagine counting down the seconds someone hasn't clicked and groaning in disappointment when you realize no one did.

This will make you exude despair and successful people will want to stay away from you.

#5 - People on Twitter don't buy; They read, learn and engage

It's really a matter of mindset.

The people who come to Twitter are not there to buy anything. They have their Amazon and Google to buy things.

Instead, they're there to connect with their friends, discover new content, or just kick back and have fun.

Therefore, your affiliate link has practically no chance of being reached.

#6- But I can obfuscate my affiliate links!

If you can.

This is what my affiliate link to Missinglettr looks like.

  • https://lttr.ai/OB6Y

And here is the camouflaged version:

  • http://nikolaroza.com/recommends/missinglettr/

see the difference

Yes, you can disguise your affiliate links and place them as regular links, but if someone clicks and then realizes they've been scammed (because they're suddenly on a sales or landing page), they'll know it and play their game. .start to hate your courageand with passion too.

Do it often and you'll create a whole tribe of haters ready to throw rocks at you.

Do you really want this to happen to your brand?

What to do instead? Do Twitter Affiliate Marketing Right!

Not everything is lost. You can promote affiliate offers on Twitter, but you must do so indirectly.

#1 – Promote your content on Twitter

It's a mistake for hobbyist blogs to post unsavory affiliate links directly on Twitter.

Instead of promoting raw or disguised affiliate links, promote links that lead to your articles on your affiliate site.

This can be a really effective strategy, but for it to work, your posts must:

  • be relevant to the audience you are promoting them to;
  • be useful;
  • solve a specific problem;

And each post will include your affiliate links for the products you love and use to boost your online business.

That isThe best wayto receive affiliate commissions from Twitter.

Pro Tip: Use Twitter's Advanced Search

Twitter's advanced search is that wonderful feature that allows you to take the pulse of your audience almost instantly. You can discover hot topics (before they become hot on Google) so you can easily rank for them without competitors getting in your way.

This is how it works (example “toothbrush”)

Paso 1– Go to Twitter and search for “toothbrush”

paso 2– click on “Advanced Search”

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (2)

paso 3- add data

Two important fields are:

  • exactly this sentence
  • esos hashtags

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (3)

stage 4– search for anything that is or could become a question.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (4)

Paso #5- Write down these keyword ideas in a Google spreadsheet.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (5)

Paso #6– review them one by one, create the corresponding articles and then promotethem.


Here's a sample spreadsheet I made just for this post

  • Twitter Keyword Research Spreadsheet Example (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I23QpiSsFBYVN8gCZr0RWJ_ZDyFFF87JG5QWaLN7pus/edit?usp=sharing) Nikola Roza

I set ti to "view only" so you can't make any changes, but if you want a copy, just view:

  1. archive
  2. Make a copy
  3. Save to Google Drive

#2- Add relevant hashtags

You must have seen in this table above that there is a hashtag field. Because these are important.

You want to know what hashtags people are using to use when promoting your articles.

Instantly increased visibility for your hyper-relevant content.

#3- Build a loyal Twitter following

I know that I know; This sounds like cheap, clichéd advice, but hear me out!

I'll give you 4 things to work on so that Twitter starts working passively while you sleep.

Sounds good?

Step #1 - Have a great Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is a valuable asset to you. Treat it as such and do the best you can.

Here are three examples of great Twitter bios.

FIRST is Michael Hyatt:
Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (6)
SECOND is from Lisa Sicard:

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (7)

Use:Lisa is an expert on Twitter. She even wrote an ebook on the subject.

THIRD is Agora Pulse, a social media automation tool that I recently fell in love with.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (8)
Learn from these great examples!

Here are the essential elements of a great Twitter bio:

  • 160 characters or less
  • It tells who you are and what you do.
  • Has at least one link to your website

Step #2 – Use the 20:1 method to grow your Twitter fandom

This is something I picked up from Michael Hyatt

He says that Twitter is the platform to connect and a place to give a lot and take in moderation.

He compares it to a bank where you have to deposit money twenty times in a row before you can withdraw it once.

A Twitter -jerga-Tweet other people's work 20 times before Tweeting one of your own posts.

Step #3 – Plan your posts ahead of time

Twitter will likely never be the main part of growing your business, which means you'll need to turn to automation to get the workflow and results you need.

However, there is some silly automation done with some free WordPress plugins (most of them are deprecated at the moment);

and there's smart automation with some great tools.

Let's be smart, okay?

you need threeSocial media toolsto help you get the job done:

  • The first is Hootsuite (it helps you automate your advertising for others)
  • The second one is Missinglettr (it helps you promote yourself in a subtle and clever way)

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (9)

Hootsuite is a complete social media programming platform.

This allows you to schedule posts for:

  • Facebook
  • Gore
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • etc.

We are going to use it to schedule tweets and we are going to use itthe free version of the tool, which is more than enough when you're just starting out.

So go ahead and sign up (professional adviceSign in with your Twitter account and you'll instantly connect Hootsuite and Twitter.)

Click New Post

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (10)

Add your tweet and schedule it for later.

As a demonstration, I've included my HostGator Black Friday article for you to tweet at a later date.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (11)

And that is. Really simple and easy.

I suggest you spend 15 million on it every morning and in no time you will see the desired growth in your Twitter followers.

Pro tip: I recently discovered an amazing new social media scheduler called Social Champ (read my Social Shcam review here).

It's similar to Hootsuite, but even better and easier to use. For the full scope, click my link above.

This is how I scheduled a tweet from my Grammarly student discounts page:

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (12)


Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (13)

Missinglettr is a social media scheduler that savvy affiliate marketers use to direct people to their properties.

Missinglettr is quite an innovative tool on the market. They implement NLP and Smart A.I. to scan your articles and extract valuable snippets of text to use as tweets.

Basically, the tool does the work and you reap the rewards, and that's what makes it so unique and valuable.

True social media automation at its finest!

I won't talk about Missinglettr here because it's too good a tool to lose (look what I did there 😎) and I've dedicated a full review to it.


  • Missinglettr Review and Tutorial: Smart Social Media Automation At Its Finest!

social champion

The last tool I want to cover is Social Champ. Social Champ is included here for two great features.

First, they have a free plan that you can plan withunlimitedsocial posts

Secondly, Social Champ allows you to repeat a specific post as many times as you want, which makes this tool a huge money saver as you can simply repeat a tweet over and over again.

That is how.

First, log into the SC dashboard and compose your tweet. The process is very similar to Hootsuite, and as an example I'll use my free trial guide for SEMrush.

SEMrush is a tool that I love and encourage and mineSEMrush Free Trial Offeris my #1 source of income when it comes to promoting SEMrush.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (14)

Second, set the repeat post option to “Yes” and set the number of times you want a post to repeat.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (15)

Third, simply click Schedule and Social Champ will tweet your affiliate post for you.

Pro Tip:

If you use the "Repeat Post" feature in Social Champ, you should be careful not to overtag your post to avoid appearing like a spammer. This is especially true when tagging brands you are an affiliate of.

For example, promoting mySEMrush Annual CostsI didn't add the #semrush hashtag to Guide with Social Champ because I set this post to repeat 10 times and I don't want to bother with it.SEMrush Affiliate Teamand get on his bad side.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (16)

#4- (Bonus) Natural Follower Growth

This is an advantage because it happens over time.

As your profile grows and you maintain an active profile, Twitter will increasingly show your profile in other people's profile sidebars.

Like this:

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (17)

And many of them will follow you.

Use:That's why it's important to have a great bio. It's literally the first thing they see of you.

A natural posting cadence and consistent tone will really help grow your following on Twitter.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Promoting Affiliate Offers on Twitter

a) What is the best and easiest way to promote affiliate links on Twitter?

The best, easiest, and free way to do affiliate marketing on Twitter is to at least not do it directly.

Instead, create valuable articles on your blog and host affiliate links there. That way, his reputation as a marketer stays intact and he has the ability to get people to click and buy across the board.

How is this method free?

You will not anger anyone 😛

b) How to promote Amazon and Fiverr affiliate links on Twitter?

See the previous answer. That is the same.

c) How to promote affiliate links with YouTube videos on Twitter?

Embed a YouTube video with a nice YouTube banner (it's easy to make a YouTube banner online) in your tweet.

Since many people like to watch videos andDirect purchases from YouTubeand not on Twitterthey click the link to go directly to the video.

There they see the video and maybe read the description of the video.

And the video description is where you can have affiliate links.

For example:

Geekdom 101 regularly posts their video on Twitter and they all have affiliate links in their description.

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (18)

use: This method will never give you any significant income simply because the CTR of the video description is lousy (<1%).

d) Can I buy Twitter followers for my account?

You can, but you shouldn't

If you think that 50,000 followers give you legitimacy, you are totally wrong.


Because when you post something and your tweet gets 2 likes and 0 shares, it reeks of fake.

It's simple: when you buy "followers", you are actually buying fake accounts and bots.

#5- Have you had success with affiliate marketing on Twitter?

I have had a lot of success with affiliate marketing on Twitter. I am especially good at promoting my SEMrush tutorials and guides.

This is because SEMrush is an SEO tool that sells itself. It's a huge, well-known brand, and sellers and bloggers just flock to buy it. They don't mind being reminded of SEMrush on Twitter of all places.

My top performing SEMrush posts in terms of Twitter sales are:

  • SEMrush Lifetime-Deal-Post;
  • Publish on the cracked version of SEMrush;
  • SEMrush premium cookies guide
  • SEMrush Coupon Codes Guide;
  • SEMrush Free Account Overview;
  • Tutorial on the best features of SEMrush.

And other SEMrush posts are picking up steam as well.

#6- How to tweet faster to promote better on Twitter?

You can use AI paraphrasing tools to create an unlimited number of winning tweets.

That is how:

First, create a series of tweets promoting your best affiliate products. These are your tweet templates.

Second, use a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot (read myQuillbot Reviewhere) to create many versions of each tweet. Quillbot has 6 rewrite modes so make sure you use them all.

If you started with a base of 20 tweets, now you have 140 (20 originals + 120 variations) and then you can also change that to an unlimited number of tweets to post on Twitter.

That's the power of AI paraphrasers, and you can learn more by reading my guide on the subject.Best Online Paraphrasing Tools.

Twitter Affiliate Marketing (Conclusion)

The SECRET is that you don't.

Instead, you create valuable content on your website. Then you go out and interact with people on Twitter and make them curious about you and your brand.

Then visit them; subscribe and later... buy

And you earned another affiliate commission, and it came from none other than Twitter.

Nothing more to say except: keep it up!

And leave me a comment below;

Gracias 😛

Ultimate Twitter Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (19)

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